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ALAK: Guardian Petted

The third release of 2013 is from the Californian musician J Noir’s ALAK.

Marking the sixth edition of Kaleidoscope’s LIMITED DUBS series, Guardian Petted sees ALAK’s intensely hybrid and singular vision explored across five visionary tracks. As if viewed through a dark prism, this collection of songs glisten with a peculiar and fractured Gothic light – dawn and dusk overlaid. Noir’s crisp, clear vocal entangles incandescent wordplay with dense undulating sample collage, synthesizers and heavily chorused electric guitars reciting angular otherworldly scales. All the while, insistent drum machine rhythms and a minimal acoustic kit recall the stark echoes of dub, post-punk, industrial and techno.

The five tracks were produced in a master version (available digitally) which were then each recorded onto individually hand-lathed records. These records were then played with additional live processing through consumer fx boxes & recorded directly through to tape by ALAK, creating 8 unique C18 compact cassettes.

The 8 unique C18s and free unlimited digital manifestation available through Kaleidoscope from October 21st.

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