• Sapphire Slows: Time

    OUT NOW // Widescreen pop mini-album ‘Time’ from Tokyo underground producer & DJ, Sapphire Slows on all digital/streaming platforms. &&& Deluxe Digital Edition from our Bandcamp with xtra tracks, sample pack, photos, HD videos, gifs, & lyrics.
  • The Newcomer: Mirelet Unsette Moiyana

    OUT NOW // Glowing, hyperreal electronics from new Aether Editions release debut from Berlin’s The Newcomer. Watch the video for ‘Marrrd E’.
  • Actual Magic: Welcome to Today

    OUT NOW // 11 Tracks of “Blissed-out, melted down, DSP-refracted Motown Xmas Ambi Sonix” from patten alias, Actual Magic.
  • Benedict Drew: Dreamspace of the Burger King Commuter

    Immersive heavy ambience from multimedia artist Benedict Drew launches our Chrome Series of longform cassettes releases
  • 50/50 vol 1: Aldous RH / Vanilla Hammer

    Split 12″ vinyl EPs // Aldous RH (ex Egyptian Hip Hop)’s lo-fi parallel universe AM radio hits and scuffed electronics from Tel Aviv’s Vanilla Hammer